About Our Practice

Dr. Gross and Dr. Sharman

From your first greeting to the chemotherapy you receive...

You will always hear a human voice when you call. You will be greeted by name by our friendly, caring staff when you walk through the door.

We adopt you as our family and the Blood and Cancer Center will be your medical home for all your cancer care needs. We'll see that you get to the proper consultants in a timely manner, and we'll never send you to a doctor we wouldn't use for our own family. We'll help you get the medicines you need at the best price, and get you attentive home care if that is your need.

Our nursing staff will return your calls with helpful recommendations just as soon as feasible, and you'll never have to wait more than a half a day. Naturally, we'll handle your emergency calls right away. We'll make every effort to bring you into to the clinic for your urgent medical needs, sparing you the expense and aggravation of long waits in the Emergency Room.

We even personalize the choice of your chemotherapy treatment. We use brand new genetic testing to determine which drugs are most likely to work on your specific cancer; thus, we save you the cost and side-effects of treatment that won't work, and do our best to be sure that you will get the treatment most likely to help you.

This is what we mean by personalized care. We'll have you from hello!