In Treatment

Exploring the benefits and risks of treatment options.

Your oncologist will spend a great deal of time with you and your family reviewing the risks and benefits of treatments. We will discuss the reason a particular treatment is recommended. In general this is based both on extensive research and our experience, but at times the reason may simply be that we judge this is the best treatment for you as an individual.

We will discuss the side effects of chemotherapy at length, both in terms of what to expect and how to handle the problems as they may develop. Our nursing staff is also extremely skilled at giving practical advice to help manage the side effects of chemotherapy.

We will be very candid with you in discussing whether a particular treatment is likely to be of benefit. Ultimately, we believe the decision about whether an individual should take chemotherapy or any cancer treatment is up to them. We attempt to give you the best available advice and then fully support your decision. If you choose not to take chemotherapy or if we advise that chemotherapy is not your best treatment option, we certainly are still very committed to continued involvement in your care and symptom management.