Patient Feedback

Extraordinary Care

I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary care you gave my father and the support you have my mother during his final illness. I am not thanking you for the use of your very excellent medical skills, but for the very human caring and emotional support you gave them. There are many doctors with good technical skills, but you are one-in-a-million on patient care! How fortunate for my family that you were here to see us through.


No Words

There are no words to express my thanks to each and everyone of you. During the last year, we came to love all of you. Your unconditional caring makes you a building full of treasures.

Thanks to all of you for doing all you could for my wonderful, beloved husband, and for giving him care, laughs and hope.


Great Group of Professionals

On behalf of our family, I thank you for your kind letter of sympathy. I, in turn, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the care you gave to my mother during her illness.

I still remember the day I met you. You came into my mother's hospital room to tell her the results of the biopsy. You sat on her bed, took her hand, and looked directly at her while explaining the test results and the treatment she needed. I have never seen a doctor so kind and comforting to a patient as you were. My mother had always said, if she ever got cancer, she would not have chemotherapy, but your concern and optimism convinced her that she should try. I thank you for that. I know that without the treatments, she would not have lived as long as she did. I hope that her participation in the clinical trial will help in the search for a cure for this awful disease.

I greatly appreciate the time you took with me in explaining her condition and answering my endless questions. It helped relieve some of my anxiety knowing I could count on you to be there for all of us.

I would also like to thank your staff for the kindness and care they gave to my mother. You have a great group of professionals working with you.

I hope you never lose your "bedside manner." It is as beneficial to your patient as any chemical you can administer.


Thanks for Being There

When I brought Dad for his office visits it really made me feel good. You always seemed to take time with him. You never rushed him or acted like you were in a hurry. Especially that last visit. You were so caring! I really thank you for that. I hope I never need an oncologist, but if I should, Ill come to you. Thanks for being there for my Dad.


Best Possible Medical Attention

I want to personally thank you for the care you provided to my mother during her recent hospitalization at East Texas Medical Center. Your commitment and desire to find the required treatment for her puzzling health issues gave me the confidence of knowing that she was receiving the best possible medical attention.

While the medical care was extraordinary, your kind spirit and warm heart were the most impressive. Thank you for taking time with us each morning to explain the latest test results, outlining the next steps planned, and offering an encouraging word to get us through the day. I am also extremely appreciative of the support you provided and patience you exhibited with my own questions and concerns during a most-difficult time.

I am so very sorry that you did not have the opportunity to know my mother in better times. She was a lovely woman who set an example that every child should have the joy of experiencing. The pain of her loss in now very real; however, her memories are ones that I will always cherish.

Thank you, also, for your sincere letter of September 13th which provided additional insight into your interactions with my mother and her illness. I am very honored and touched that you devoted the time to sending a letter that I will always treasure.


Thank You

The nurses really enjoy working with you on the High-Dose IL-2 patients. They say you listen to their concerns and treat them as valuable team members. We also appreciate your support of the nursing staff when you presented the IL-2 case at [the] cancer conference.


Helpful and Informative

Thank you so much for your letter of June 9. You will never know how much it meant to me and our daughter, to know that you took the time from your busy schedule to write a letter to us expressing sympathy for our loss. We greatly appreciate the nice things you said about L. He was indeed a find and brave man. We miss him terribly, but have been able to find some consolation in knowing that he is now in Heaven and is no longer suffering.

We would like to express our thanks to your wonderful staff. They were always so helpful and informative; and treated L. as though he was a member of their own family, not just a patient.

Dr. Gross, I would also like to thank you for making L.'s last days as comfortable for him as you did. I know that he was in a lot of pain. But you were always there to do whatever you could to relieve as much of that pain as you could, and I am eternally grateful for that. There is no way that I could have asked for better care for my husband. Even though I wish that we could have met under different circumstances, please know that our family feels that it was an honor to know you.

May God bless you all!


Special Angel

I know that my mother wrote you a letter in response to your dear, and ever-so-thoughtful sympathy letter on behalf of her and myself. You have no idea what those few, seemingly heartfelt words meant to us. Losing my father has been the most devastating thing I have ever had to endure. My father put his whole life and trust in your hands the night we met you; and to be honest, so did my mother and I. We both hold no hard feelings toward you because we believe, and will forever believe, that had it not been for you and your staff and all your hard work, we most likely would not have had as much time left with him as we were given.

You were, in a sense, a special angel sent to us from God to give us comfort in dealing with what I call my father's unbelievable death sentence. I tried so many times, when I first learned about his condition, to get my father to go to a special cancer hospital. He absolutely refused. He trusted you too much and I believe he knew he didn't have much time left. He knew you could help him just as well, if not more, than any cancer doctor.

Dr. Gross, I will forever recommend you to anyone that, God forbid, ever has such a tragic condition occur in their life.

Thank you again for everything you did for my father during his last few precious months we were fortunately able to spend with him. You are truly a precious gift from God and I know my father would agree.


From A Grateful Heart

Thank you so much for the wonderful letter you sent in memory of my mother. You will never know how much your kind words meant to me and I received your letter on a day that I really needed those encouraging words. It will certainly be a keepsake and a letter that I will read time and again as I need encouragement to get through some very difficult days.

During the 6 1/2 years mother fought ovarian cancer we were always thankful to have you as her Oncologist. However, it was during the last weeks of her life that we were so thankful to have you by our side. We appreciate your constant care and concern and I will always be grateful for you telling me it was time for me to communicate with my mother. You opened a door that I could not have opened on my own. If you would have not walked me through this difficult time, I may have missed one of the most important conversations that a mother and daughter could ever have. I thank you!


Profound Gratitude

I wanted you to be aware that we placed my brother's name for admission to the Hospice of East Texas whenever a room becomes available and that in the meantime he will remain in a nursing home.

I know he would wish me to express his profound gratitude for the excellence of the professional care and for the compassion and care exemplified by each and every member of your staff. Rarely have we seen such kindness and consideration so pervasive and so uniform in an organization. We do not doubt that this is a great testament to the strength of your own character and morals, for such an ethos could not exist save for your capacity to inspire, exemplify and the respect the noblest aspirations of which humans are capable.

So thank you, sir, and thanks to your staff. My brother and I are honored to have had our brief association with you. We regard you as ranking among the noblest of the noble, the wisest of the wise and the kindest of the kind.


Loving Care

I just wanted to send a note to let all of you know how much I appreciate the loving care given to my mother. She felt very secure in your care and that brought us all a great deal of comfort during her final days. You are a truly caring and exceptional group of medical professionals.


Special Place in Our Hearts

My family and I thank you for your loving care of my mother during her battle with cancer. We never dreamed that we would face anything like this, but we could not have asked for a better group of people fighting with us.

You brought in every specialist you could think of but in the end it was in God's hands. We must find peace in that.

Thank you for being there and for guiding us through. You have a special place in our hearts.

--The Family of M.

Our Heartfelt Thanks

It seems petty and small to say a simple "thank you" after all you have done for our family. Mom had every confidence in you, your judgement and treatment. Your complete honesty and candor are refreshing to find and set us all at ease. I'm ever grateful for your prompt return of phone calls to me. Your staff was professional and competent while showing compassion and kindness.

I truly believe that the regiment you used on mom allowed her the time she needed to "get her head" around her diagnosis and reach a level of acceptance to die in peace.

This completed process was as important for her as it was for me to watch take place in her. Knowing that she had some good days; to be grateful for and a renewed gratitude for each day goes a long way to bringing peace and comfort to her soul.

I want you to know that she died very fast and peacefully. In that way, the Lord was good to us. You and your staff have our heart-felt thanks for all the advice and so much more.

May you be blessed in your good work.


Kindness, Benevolence, Beneficence

Your kindness, benevolence and beneficence are exceeded only by your generosity.

I hope all your Angel Flights are as successful as ours was and that my C.A. experience can be of some benefit to any of your patients who may find themselves in the same boat.

Feel free to use my name and/or have your patient contact me if necessary. Keep up the super work, my man, and may all your efforts be rewarded here on earth as well as in "that home not built with human hands."


Exceptional Doctor

I have always admired you as being one of "The Exceptional Doctors" in your field. You are always neat, smiling and always speak; not considering yourself better. Thank you for all the advice you gave me.

God's blessings on you.


Our Oncologists Are Soldiers In The War Against Cancer

On Jan. 14 my mother became a member of a large club. It's a club she never thought she'd join and never wanted to join. She was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. It was a total shock to our entire family. It's worse than getting kicked in the gut. But God smiled down on us and blessed us with the Blood and Cancer Center.

People like us pass this building every day and have no idea of what's going on inside. Unbelievable work is done with hugs, laughter, smiles and love. When the lists of hardest jobs are listed every year, oncology workers are never mentioned. But, I know better. They let you become part of their family or they become part of yours. They cannot win every battle, but they fight with you every day, every minute.

This is a bright, light, open atmosphere. Totally not what you would expect of a place where every employee has had their heart broken losing some patients they've come to love. Then they come back the next day to fight along with us again.

I pray that one day all oncology offices go out of business for lack of patients. Until then, anyone who is reading this letter who is also a soldier in his war against cancer, you have my prayers. My mother is now cancer-free, Thank God. And to Dr. Gary Gross, Dr. Charles Haas and every employee of Blood and Cancer Center, you have my undying appreciation, love and thanks. You guys have really humbled me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.